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Impacts of micronutrient intervention programs on effective coverage and lives saved: Modeled evidence from Cameroon (with Steve Vosti, Katherine Adams, Aleksander Michuda, Hanqi Luo, Demewoz Haile, Victoria B. Chou, Adrienne Clermont, Ismael Teta, Alex Ndjebayi, Justin Kagin, Jules Guintang, and Reina Engle-Stone)

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1519: 199 – 210. January, 2023.

Testing Attrition Bias in Field Experiments

(with Dalia Ghanem and Sarojini Hirshleifer)

Accepted: Journal of Human Resources

Working Papers

Correcting Attrition Bias via Changes-in-Changes

(with Dalia Ghanem, Sarojini Hirshleifer, and Désiré Kédagni)

Revision Submitted: Journal of Econometrics

Large-Farm Consolidation and Structural Transformation: Theory and Evidence from Colombia

(Updated draft coming soon)

Work in Progress

Large-Farm Consolidation, Labor Demand, and Welfare in Rural Economies

Status: Data Analysis

Expanding Healthcare Access through Drone Technology: Welfare Effects on Rural Households

(with Aleksander Michuda and Adriana Molina Garzón)

Status: Analysis of Baseline Data

Forced Displacement and Early Nutritional Development

Status: Data Analysis

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